Impact Beds – Conveyor impact beds can be installed at loading zone/s of any conveyor in place of traditional impact idlers. They are designed to perform two functions. The primary function is to absorb the forces applied onto the belt via the transfer of product from one conveyor to another. The secondary function is to eliminate belt sag encountered when using traditional impact idlers. The impact bars provide a flat and stable surface to allow effective skirt sealing which minimises the emission of dust into the environment and around the conveyor. The use of impact beds also eliminates the high cost associated with the supply and replacement of impact rollers and frames.

Conveyor Impact Beds

At ANCO Industries, we believe impact beds can make a big difference in the operational output of your system. We will install conveyor impact beds at transfer and feed points to reduce any risk to your conveyor belt. There is a range of benefits associated with the installation of conveyor impact beds to your system, including:

Reduces the risk of damage

Conveyor impact beds prevent belt damage and sagging at heavy product loading points. Some products tend to be more demanding than others, and therefore, these heavy materials could strain the conveyor belt. To ensure this doesn’t happen, install conveyor impact beds which will provide your system with support throughout the operational process.

Sturdy and impact resistant

As they are made from heavy-duty structural steel, conveyor impact beds are highly robust and can withstand any strong impacts. This will ensure that your conveyor belt will handle heavy or demanding products and allow you to load large amounts of quantities.

Reduced spillage

Install conveyor impact beds to reduce the amount of product spillage that usually occurs. Not only will this reduce cleaning costs, but it will also extend the life of your skirting.

Lower maintenance costs

With the advantage of reduced product spillage, dust build-up, and the overall chance of belt damage, you won’t need to spend as much money on maintenance. Cut back on your operating expenses by installing the right conveyor impact beds for your system and allow your belt to work seamlessly without interruption.

A safer environment

The addition of conveyor impact beds leads to a more productive work environment and helps to stimulate a safer workplace for employees. By ensuring you’re installing all appropriate parts to your conveyor belt, you’ll create a safer overall environment.

Impact Bed For Belt Conveyor

dustries, we offer a range of impact beds for belt conveyors and can help you choose the perfect one for your system. Our team is highly experienced in the world of conveyors and understands how conveyors work for certain industries. Therefore, whether you need installation, support, or maintenance, we’ve got the team to get the job done. The next time you’re looking for a high-quality impact bed for a belt conveyor, choose our team at ANCO Industries to help sort it out.

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