The installation of belt tracking devices in strategic locations protects your conveyor belt and reduces the risk of potential damage to your belt. An effective tracking unit automatically reacts to change within a conveyor system and redirects the belt back to the centre of the conveyor.

Our range of trackers includes:

  • Flat Return Trackers
  • Compact Dual Return Trackers
  • Compact Vee Return Trackers
  • Taper Trough Trackers
  • Low Speed Trackers
  • Custom Solutions

A major feature of the tracker is that it relies upon balanced forces being applied on both tapered rollers (which occurs when the belt is running on centre). As the belt tracks off centre, a speed differential is created on the tapered rollers. This speed differential, coupled with the friction between the rollers and the conveyor belt, activates the tracker which steers the belt back to the centre of the conveyor.

Conveyor Belt Tracker

When it comes to conveyor products, ANCO Industries is your one-stop-shop. We supply a large range of conveyor belt trackers to ensure your conveyor remains in the best condition possible and works to produce the desired results. Installing a conveyor belt tracker into your system can protect it from all kinds of damage. Keeping your belt on track also eliminates any unwanted downtime, greatly beneficial to overall production and operation.

Installing A Conveyor Belt Tracker

To ensure your system runs smoothly, it’s important to install conveyor belt trackers throughout it. This means that you should have more than one conveyer belt tracker as you want each system’s stage to be working in the best condition possible. For example, recommended installation locations include:

  • The trough – before the head pulley
  • Prior to take-up
  • Prior to drive
  • Prior to tail pulley
  • After every loading zone

In addition to these areas of the belt, we also suggest installing trackers in overly troublesome areas such as high tension or poorly aligned sections. At ANCO Industries, we can help you install your conveyor belt trackers at the perfect distance to ensure your system works the way it’s supposed to.

There is a range of benefits associated with installing conveyor belt trackers along your system, such as:

  • Conveyor belt trackers react to change within the operational system
  • Belt trackers utilise guide rollers to determine the location of the belt. When the belt moves off centre, these guide rollers are triggered and alert the tracking device
  • Once alerted, the conveyor belt tracker alters the alignment of the rollers in the unit to move the belt back to the centre of the conveyor

For more information on installing a conveyor belt tracker, contact our team of professionals today.

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A conveyor belt tracker is a perfect way of keeping a record of your conveyor’s functionality and overall performance. It’s integral to any working system and will allow you more uptime with fewer disruptions. For more information on our conveyor belt trackers or the installation process, contact us today or call 07 4774 3307.

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