Fabrication and Maintenance Services

Fabrication and Maintenance Services


Pulley Refurbishment – A complete pulley refurbishment service is available to all customers. Pulleys can be covered with several materials such as natural or FRAS rubber in sheet or strip form, ceramic strips or polyurethane if required. Pulley lagging can either be carried out insitu onsite. Refurbishment services can be basic re-lagging service, or can be comprehensive to include items such as:

  • Visual defect checks including cracks, dents etc.
  • Strip, prime and re-lagging of pulleys.
  • Bearing and seal replacements.
  • Protective coatings.
  • Abrasive blasting and painting.
  • Balancing and testing for oil leaks.
  • Wrapping for ozone protection along with preparation for transportation
  • Reporting on condition of pulleys using unique serial Numbers as identification.

Metal fabrication & construction – The ANCO team has a diverse range of experienced trades, who are managed by a strong leadership team with a large portfolio of experience on construction project services. Our key personnel have proven track records of delivering construction projects of different scales on schedule and under budget. Our specialised construction services cover: Steel Structure Fabrication & Erection, Mechanical Equipment Installation and Commissioning. Piping Fabrication and Installation and Commissioning. Our organisational structure incorporates a high level of Engineering and Management support, giving ANCO the competitive capacity to look after the full life cycle of a construction project, from planning and procurement to construction, commissioning and final Handover.

Fabrication and Maintenance Services

Every product in our range is covered by our service area to both maintain and repair, as necessary. Some of the Services we offer:

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Fabrication and Maintenance Services

Every product in our range is covered by our service area to both maintain and repair, as necessary. Some of the Services we offer:

Metal Fabrication

At ANCO Industries, we specialise in metal fabrication of all shapes and sizes. Metal fabrication is simply the process of building machines or other structures from raw materials. The metal fabrication process can include a vast range of methods, including:

With the cutting process, metal sheets are split into smaller sections to be easily transformed to suit the desired product’s specific style design. These cuts are performed using a range of machinery that we are equipped with at ANCO Industries. No matter how you want your metal cut, we can get it done.
Welding is one of the most common processes in metal fabrication. Welding involves joining two separate parts of metal together to start building a specific project. These parts could be anything from sheets, panels, or bars, as long as they are made from metal. The welding process involves applying heat along the sides of the point where the two pieces are meant to join. At ANCO Industries, we’re highly experienced in welding and can utilise metal fabrication to form your perfect product.
By utilising specialised equipment, our team at ANCO Industries shave away parts of the metal that are in excess so that you’re left with the desired shape. Throughout our whole metal fabrication process, we ensure that everything is set up properly so that when it comes to the machining stage, shaving away metal will lead to a perfect product.

Industrial Fabricators

At ANCO Industries, our industrial fabricators follow a well-constructed, detailed metal fabrication process to ensure we create the perfect metal product for your needs. From specification to programming, our industrial fabricators understand what it means to complete high-quality metal fabrication to the highest standard. For professional metal fabrication services, choose our team at ANCO Industries today.

Many industries utilise metal-fabricated products, including manufacturing companies, hardware businesses, and the building and construction sector. If you’re a part of any of these industries, contact our team to find out how we can support you with the metal fabrication process.

Aluminium Fabrication

Aluminium fabrication is starting to become a popular choice for creating the perfect metal products. There is a range of benefits associated with aluminium fabrication, such as its unique versatility, durability, flexibility, weight, and it is fully recyclable. It’s also a common choice for underwater applications as aluminium is resistant to corrosion in both fresh and saltwater.

At ANCO Industries, we are a team of well-trained professionals who understand the aluminium fabrication’s ins and outs. We can turn any old piece of aluminium into something new and exciting.

Our aluminium fabrication method involves an assembly process that has been comprised of various processes such as welding, binding, cutting, and more. It is very similar to our metal fabrication process, except with a different style of material. For more information on aluminium fabrication, contact our team at ANCO Industries today.

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